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I have for sale a custom, mint, as new, condition 16'6" Walker from Bruce and Walker. Rod has been used for one day only, and not a full day at that. Cork is clean and rod is gorgeous.

I am asking $1000 shipped to anywhere in the CONUS, with 3 day return rights if you don't love it. Make me an offer. Cash only, no trades. This rod was over $1500, even with a generous discount from Gene. Basically, this is an "as new" rod for a lot less money.

This is your Clearwater super stick. When you really want to reach out and touch someone. Totally dialed for the fine and far off!!!

Color is a badass matte dark blue with gloss dark blue accents.

Full specs below.

Rod Blank Color - matte blue - Double Speycaster Blue
Cork Upper Handle - Standard Walker upper handle.
Lower Handle - Standard Walker 4'' cork lower handle.
Reel Seat Color - Pewter
Reel Seat Length - the long reel seat with one locking ring for vintage reels with long reel
Reel Seat Insert color - Black/Clear
End Cap - Matching pewter band with black rubber button.
Winding Check/Collar Color - Silver
Whippings/Wraps - Dark Blue Whippings -DSC blue
Tippings - Silver tippings on all guides, ends and joints - entire rod tipped in silver.
Transfer/Logo Color - Handwritten text in white rather than standard Walker transfer. 1
SIC Guides and color - standard SIC Walker rings
Extras - Line up dots
Extras - No Powerline warning decal. 1 $0.00 $0.00
Ferrule Stoppers - Silver cork Ferrule Stoppers.
Rod Bag - Standard Walker bag.
Deluxe Cordura rod tube


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