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Mike Maxwell passes.

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Sad news indeed, I just read on another site that Mike Maxwell, who has been ill for sometime, passed away yesterday. Mike started the spey revolution on this continent and will always be remembered for that.
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very sad news

I just heard this earlier this morning while I was on my way to cast the rods I purchased from him a few weeks ago.

Mike was a true original and a legendary figure in international speycasting circles. He will be greatly missed.
This is truely sad news. I met Mike on my first trip to the Thompson. I was gearing up in the parking area at the Grave yard and he pull up in a Brown (?) Landcruiser diesel, returning from Smithers. We talked for a while and then upon learning I was a newbie to the two handers offered to give me a casting lesson right there and then. He was a gracious man and has left a legacy, I sorry to hear of his passing.

Mike Maxwell's classic book gave me my initial step into the world of speycasting. The first actual successes I had in casting are result of his explanations... for this I am eternally grateful.

So today casting his rods with Dana and Al Buhr seemed a fitting way to commemorate his passing. Thanks Mike.
A true north american legend, although I have never met the man personally I was greatly inspired by his writings and dedication to spey casting and fishing. Although he has passed on his works will remain with the spey community for eternity.
I feel fortunate to have got to spend time with Mike and Denise. Mike had a personality larger than life and will be remembered by all that were lucky enough to make his acquantance. Mike's contributions to flyfishing are significant and the Maxwell name is recognized and respected anywhere in the world that flies are cast. Teaching was his passion and Mike and Denise spent tireless years pioneering techniques that are now commonplace. As an instructor Mike had a way that was like no other and he has left us a legacy of books and videos that represent a large important piece of BC flyfishing history. I feel blessed to have known Mike and my heart goes out to Denise and the rest of his family. Mike was an incredibly intelligent, wonderfully strong willed person who called it like it was, had a heart of gold and was always willing to share his knowledge with those wise enough to listen.I miss him already.
Mike Maxwell

I couldn't have said it better. I learned speycasting using Mike's videos and book three years ago and visited with him and Denise for a whole week the following year. Mike honoured me with certification at the end of the week, and I have since promoted his approach to speyfishing on my home waters. My heartfelt sentiments go to Denise and family on the Master's departure. Salut!
I too wish to give my condolence's to Denise and Family. Mike was very much as Whistler described him. The man did not mix word's but his heart was alway's open. I spent more than one Thanksgiving with Mike and Denise. Their warm hospitality will stay with me forever. I loved Mike's unwavering confidence in his approach to the world of Spey casting. The English Tank Commander was a wonderful thing to experience first hand. My candle was lit by the Commander some twelve to fifteen years ago. Thank you Mike! May you find that perfect run, using that perfect cast. Good Bye Old Friend.

Tom Hill
A Letter From Tom Jindra

reprinted here with Tom's permission:


I know you and your readers were among Mike Maxwell's biggest fans, so I wanted to pass along a few details of his death.

Mike died early on Thursday morning, Sept. 30, in the hospital at Smithers. He had been seriously ill for many weeks.

Denise Maxwell says Mike will be cremated. There will be no funeral or service, per Mike's wish. Denise has asked that no flowers be sent. She asks, instead, that the money be donated to the sender's favorite charity or to the Federation of Fly Fishers.

As you already know, Mike made quite an impact on our sport. He will be missed.


Tom Jindra, chair
Board of Governors
Casting Instructor Certification Program
Federation of Fly Fishers
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