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I want to pick up a Mid Spey with tips for a rod I just bought and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this particular rod?

The rod is a Orvis Trident 3pc 15ft 10wt Tip Flex 11.5

With the dual line rating on the Mid Spey,which would be the better choice for this model the 9/10 or the 10/11?


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Which Rod?

RIO recommends for
Trident 1510 - 4
WC A 9/10/11
WC B 10/11/12
MS A 9/10
MS B 10/11
GS A 9/10
GS B 9/10
Scandanavian A 9/10
Scan B 10/11

Is that the rod you have, or is it really a three piece?

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flex index

hello tony. the TLS 1510/4 is an 8.0 rated flex index vs your rods 11.5 rating. this should equate to a bit faster action in the tip, and possibly into the mid section of your rod.

when i was researching older posts on orvis rods it seemed that alot of people preffered the faster flex rating, especialy for sink tip use. SG
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