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Rio Midspey tips 7-wt, like new with original packaging. I took this out of the package once to test cast, it did not work with the rod I had in mind. I also wrote "midspey" in sharpie on the line wallet. You can't even tell this line was cast. Comes with tips, compensator, the whole tamale. These lines were well over $100 new, I'll sell it for $50, buyer pays actual usps shipping.

Grab bag of fly lines, including 3 orvis long-belly floating fly lines 10-12 wt, several home made skagit lines, lots of sinking line, and a Rio line wallet. Enough stuff here to cut up and splice and make some great home-made lines with. $30 plus actual USPS shipping. If you have ever wanted to try making your own spey lines at home this would be a great way to get started for cheap. SALE PENDING

I take paypal, no fees, or money order/certified funds.

E-mail [email protected] for pics or questions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts