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Hello all! I am excited to become a part of this forum as I've read nothing but positive things about it. Just by initial impressions I am relieved to see the professionalism and courtesy expressed here. Thank you for having me.

I am new to the two hand game, however I have been using a single hander for years. I started on a fly when I was just a wee lad, but I didn't realize the versatility of a fly rod until a couple of years ago (I am in my mid 20's now). So my skill level is "advanced beginner" because I have more theoretical understanding than practical knowledge, which still isn't much.

I am in South East Michigan which, honestly, isn't the best area for river fishing, but still water fishing is strong here. While I do go to the rivers, I still water fish mostly due to the abundance of them locally. I look forward to hearing weather or not any of you use a two hander in still water, and what tips I may learn from you all, in general.

Thank you again, and best regards.
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