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Ordered an S2H1356 from Mr. Meiser.
Man, was that worth the wait!
As you Meiser fans will attest, he has got this one dialed. I figured I was getting a light trout spey and had, in fact, cast this blank (the Anderson blank) on a rod made by another craftsman and thought it a nice 6ish rod. When I got mine I was tremendously pleased with the fact that it was even faster in the butt than the one I had tried, and is, in my opinion, a true 7 wieght, albeit a light one. It casts the Airflo long Delta 6/7 with tips very nicely. I have tried the sages, CND's and other trout speys and this rod has the most "Authority" to it. It will shine as a light steelhead and shad rod and would do nicely on large waters for large trout. If you can imagine a T&T 1307 but with more feel to it, this is it. The workmanship is absolutely beautiful, and about the only thing I can say to anyone looking for a 7 weight is, you'll be sorry if you don't try this before you buy something else.

Now if I just had a few fish...... :roll:

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True, True!! What more can be said? I am jealous. :frown: :frown: :frown:

I had one on a test drive to Colorado and used it on the Uncompahgre with a W/C. Great line match that cast easily into some stiff canyon winds and great for short work as well. Congrats on the new rod.

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yo Moose,

I know that you will like fishing with that rod as much as I do with the 13' 6/7. I caught quite a few smallies and even a pike this summer, but, I finally properly christened the rod on Monday morning. A 27-28" chromer went thump on my black leech on the dead drift just before it started to swing. Off to the races. One cartwheel and 2 power runs later he was coming under control. I got him close twice but on the third time, just as I was about to place my hand under his belly, he went 5 hole on me and broke off.


P.S. My 4" Bougle' is on the way.

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A good thing.

One of the 'beauties' of living about 15 minutes from Bob's front door is I don't have to wait for the mail/UPS if I want to try out a given rod. If Bob's got one at hand (no, not a sold one), a quick call, a short drive, another 15 minutes and I'm on the Rogue. :hihi:
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