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I think this is the same rod I tried at Aaron's Clave in November--it is designed for Chinook, right? We were casting a GrandSpey 10/11 on it (a seriously heavy line) and working really hard to bend it. If this is the same rod it would seem to be a rod designed for fighting a particular type of fish rather than purely as a casting tool, in much the same way that some heavy single handers are designed for marlin--all that really matters is how the rod performs after the cast is made.

I think it would be an awesome rod for big fish--a rod I would love to take into the Dean for early season Chinook--and I would be inclined to fish it with a heavy shooting head system, like the heaviest Windcutter setup.

But again, pure speculation here. I might have been casting a different rod.

Bob, what can you tell us about this rod?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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