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Dave McNeese

For whatever reason some folks don't answer e-mail in a timely manner. Have you tried calling him?

Jack Cook
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The last post was about a newer direct drive reel which was all machined and ready to roll out. Then some personal stuff happenned and it all went away.

To my knowledge Dave is no longer making the original reels either.

I have one of the original Permits which is nice for smaller Speys and big SH and it is one of my treasured reels

Dave is VERY hard to get a hold of on a good day.
He is not a crook
I have known him and dealt with him for years
He dives into new projects with zeal you cannot comprehend and when that happens it comes at the expense of most other things.
There is no malice or mischief in any part of it

Just part of dealing with Dave

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I sent him my 2.4 Trout for conversion to LHW...THREE F-ING YEARS AGO!!!

I finally just asked him to send it back. Nothing. No more contact.

This guy is a fraud and a thief.

I have all the emails to prove it.

Hopefully you haven't been one of the guys like me that has been swindled by this joker.
McNeese has the most horrible reputation imaginable. Whether he's a thief or just so irresponsible that he gives every appearance of being a thief isn't a distinction that's relevant to his customers.
One fellow apparently got him to respond by contacting the Oregon Attorney Generals office....you may want to give that a try. He's been in deep trouble with the law before. That may be the only leverage that will get his attention.
I had one of his reels that I wanted switched to LHW, but after a couple conversations with Dave and some research on the web I sold the reel instead.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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