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To my knowledge Mike is still making rods. I haven't talked to him in well over a year(long story,short ending)but last I checked he was still producing softer action speys. The blank manufacturer has changed and I think Mike has stiffened up the actions slightly. The last one I cast was beautiful and slow but had a far more progressive action than the older Tigereye's.As well there are the Lamiglas rods that bear his name and would be a little bit easier on the pocketbook. As mentioned above, if it is the older, brown coloured, kennedys that you desire there should be plenty kicking around on ebay etc.
Who knows, you could probably talk Mike into selling you one of the originals, I know he still has a few kicking around.You can contact Mike and Denise via email at [email protected] or check out their site at www.speycast.com.
Brian Niska
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