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Some stuff i've purchased over the last few years.

I'll take Paypal or venmo for payment - shoot me a PM for info. Add $5 for shipping for all lots. If you want more than one lot i'll combine shipping at $8 for priority. Shipping to USA only.

Gallery for images:

8x Arizona Simi Seal various colors as pictured $12 (unused)

4X faux bucktail $15 (Used the black and white to tie two flies, the others are unused)

Hoffmann Cree neck, Grade 3 $70 (unused by me and looks to be as new)

2x Whiting Half Necks silver grade dyed dun and Bronze grade Grizzly $40 for the pair (unused)

7x Whiting Hebert Hen Saddles - colors as pictured. $45 for 7 (I used a few hackles from a couple of the dun saddles, otherwise they're like new)

6x unbranded saddles colors as pictured. $45 for 6 (unused)

Metz #2 saddle - Dun $32 (unused)

Metz #1 Saddle - Silver Badger $45 (unused)

Metz #1 Saddle - Ghost Barred Dun $45 (unused)

12x Poul Jorgensen Salmon & Steelhead dubbing selection $25 (unused)
Colors include: Fall Brown; Silver Grey; Fl. Fire Orange; Sunset Orange; Jaffa Orange; Firey Golden Yellow; Blue Horizon; Purple Firey claret x2; Lemon Silver; Golden; Copper King
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