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Very different lines

The RIO Switch and Switch Chucker are very different lines.

The Switch has a 55 foot head which includes the back taper. The back taper starts at the color change and runs back 15 feet. You may notice differences between the web site and the label on the box. The box label is going to state a lighter weight than the web site because, the web site weight includes the back taper while the box weight only goes to the color change. I use an 8/9 on a TFO DC 8wt switch and it is just right. I find the line easy to spey and snake roll with 10-15 feet of the color past the tip. I like this for drifting single egg patterns and drifting small flies out to 60-70 feet without stripping. I don't use tips with this line. This line is 650 grains for the entire 55 foot head and 520 grains to the color change at 40 feet. I don't have the weight of the 7/8 at the 40 foot mark but, since the full 55 feet is 575 grains, I would ESTIMATE about 465 to the color change (someone can fill in the actual). I don't overhead cast much so, I won't address that aspect.

The Switch Chucker has its weight in a much shorter head, total is 39 feet and only 25 feet to the color change. This is a much more aggressive line and will turn over more weight. I use the #8, 520 grain on the DC Switch and it loads the rod much more, however; I always use MOW tips with this line. Very easy to turn over medium size streamers with up to T-14 MOWs while still retaining the ability to add a floating tip and go lighter. I use both floating and sinking tips with this line.

I prefer the Switch for nymphing. The Chucker, with a floating tip, whacks the water harder and has more loft and drag. The Switch gives a much cleaner, natural drift IMO, lands softer and rolls out to 50-60 feet with ease without any stripping/shooting. I don't make much use of indicators but, I have tried one on the Switch and it was a good fit. I haven't tried the Chucker with a float but it should handle one without a care.

If you think the additional 20 grains is an issue, you can pull in a few feet past the color change and load up with less weight.

For longer distance swinging of large streamers, I change over to a Skagit Switch/Skagit Short.

Hope it helps
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