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I have been tossing around the idea of looking for a Marquis salmon for a while now. Wondering the diameter, weight, and cap. of the #1, #2, and I know they are rare but the #3.

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ebay search

Hey Jamey.
There is a nice #3 ending in 14 hours at $191.00us. This is an exceptional reel. The item # is #7142367705. A few #1 and #2's kicking around as well. Do a search
here are some Hardy specs:
#1- DT 9F+100yd WF10F+ 75yd
#2- DT 10F+100yd WF10F+ 120yd
#3- DT 11F+175yd WF10F+ 175yd
With the multitude of lines today i dont know how much water these numbers hold.
Salmon Chaser

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Salmon #2 weighs 9.6 oz, 4 1/8" diam
Orvis CFO VI, a similar capacity reel, weighs 8.8 oz, 4 1/4" diam

For 7-8-9-10 lines, both hold around 300 yds 30 lb backing with short bellies, 200+ yds with mid bellies, and 100+ yds with long bellies.

Balance well on 14' rods uplocking, or 15' rods downlocking.
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