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A few weeks ago I made a Post about Speybum needing a new toy.
Mainly a heavy weight Speyrod for Chinook fishing
I wanted a Speyrod 13ft for 10 or 11 weight.
Keeping in mind that I Speycast leaving the overhead type casting for those few times when I a forced (mostly a gunpoint).
While at Ashland Doing out Speyclave R. B. Meiser showed me a serious piece of graphite.
His 13FT 4 piece 10/11/12 for his entry into the game.
Needless to say I wined and sniveled enough so he let me take it home. (Now he is going to play a devil getting it back)
This is an extra-fast quick dampening user friendly speyrod: but keep in mind this is not a rod for those who are faint at heart.
I have only cast a couple of lines on it and looks to load well from 770 grains and I have to hit the top yet.
I will be doing the test with the Rio Scandinavian 11/12, Rio Windcutter 11/12/13 and Airfo Delta 11/12 along with a couple in house custom lines.
Will be doing some work with the long bellies also.

This should take most of the Winter to tweak this one.

Gawd I Love my Job

Bring on the Chums

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