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March is coming soon!

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It's been a long dark winter. Between water conditions, which are always tough this time of year, and work, I haven't been able to fish like I'd like. I've gone out a few times even when everything was froze up and fished just for casting therapy.

That's starting to change. There is a promise of spring is in the air some days now and looking at my calendar, I see March is only a couple weeks away. Consistent fishing always comes here sometime around mid March and I can't wait.

Okay... Not much substance to this post I admit... Really just an excuse to see if my pic works! ;)

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aaaah yes, March...

...dirty diapers, sleepless nights, midday tantrums, endless afternoons of "Barney", another 20+ evenings of "Green Eggs and Ham"...:eyecrazy:

Can't wait! :chuckle:
This board helps tremendously in my spey fishing withdrawal. :chuckle:

One great advantage of this board is that I can surf with my right hand while cradling our 2-month old baby girl in my left.

...now try doing that with a spey rod...:hehe:

...mine's about the same age. My 2 year old also likes to surf with Daddy, but he usually ends up whacking a few keys and putting the computer into meltdown mode.

My daughter soon turns five, by now one is happy to get in behind the computor at all.....(games, games) Soon she will know more than me - then SHE will be the one who worries that the old man will put it all "into a meltdown mood" :confused:

I too am longin for the ice to go and for the "less than absurd fishing" to start. It is comforting to know that big shoals of salmons are about to leave their high sea feeding grounds too strart their long travel back to the home rivers. In Scotland the first already have arrived.......

'...The appeal is more nearly that of hidden treasure, except that this treasure has life and movement and uncertainty beyond anything inanimate. The thought in the mind is: "Let me try for him." The desire is to stir the reaction, respond to it, control it; to see the mystery close by in the water, perhaps to handle it, to admire, to understand a little. Perhaps it adds up to nothing more than a primitive curiosity, but if so it remains powerful and lasting..."

Fisherman's Fall - Roderick Haig-Brown

So which is the stronger force - the fly fisherman's urge to fish or the Salmon's instinct to return? ;)

Good topic Pescaphile!
...Barney, Green Eggs and Ham, computer meltdowns; been there, done that. Just wait until they grow up.

Now it's what happened to my fishing budget. I no longer buy for one (me), but now must stretch the dollars to feed three anglers. My dream #4 wt. instead became two #7 wts. with reels and lines. This is crippling. Waders for three (and they are still growing-must replace regularly), tie thriples of everything, fighting over first in "the" run...

Love my fishing buddies for all the right reasons.:smokin:
I was on my little river this morning.

Varied Thrushes were trilling, the water somehow seemed a little quicker and definitely more alive. First light hit the riffles a little differently even from last week, and the smell of alder sap has replaced that of last month's salmon carcasses.

Spring is near, if not here already..

Okay how 'bout April then?

March! Bah! Nothing but ice and clear skies! Perhaps a dribble or two in the stream and thats been about it. What sort of optimist could have had such hopes for steelhead in March?

Today was the first trip with any real hope.... the begining of steelhead season. The ice had broke free a couple of days ago and the full moon shone with promise of big tides to bring those fish that had been staging in the estuary to come home to the stream.

But if the ice was gone from the stream it seemed to find a home in my boots. Thirty-three (33!) degree water makes for some slow fish -and slow feet too! It's hard to believe it is April for all prectical purposes.

Ah but a big storm or two to warm the river can change things so soon. A hard pull on the swing and all hardship forgotten. April yea that's the time. And then there's May... Now May

An optimist eternal
Pescaphile,I'm sure April will be just fine but If I was a betting man I'd put my airline miles on May!!!!(Opps I already did) Must have been a long ride back to town for you two I'll call whats his name and get the frosty details. By the way the Herring fishery in Sitka is going quite well according to our Pilot friend.
I know that each passing month down here has come with the revelation that there are a lot more anglers than fish around this year. Oh well we live in Hope and fish in the present. I guess I'll see you hand to hand in less than a month now. By the way I did manage a dandy buck this AM very active and fresh 12- 14 looking fellow slight blush in the gill plates is all for color. Caught him on one of those Steelhead Flys.
Hey Peter
Have you been up to the Saugeen yet this year? I've been trying to get out for the last couple of weeks, seems every time I get a day off it's rained or snowed the day before and muddied the river. I'm going to try this Thursday (got my fingers crossed). Are you going to the I.W. show next weekend ?
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