27 days from moving and don’t want to risk it being damaged moving/shipping. I have enjoyed this for several years and hope someone out there would enjoy this as much as I have.

The painting is in excellent condition and is the first reprint of the original. This is noted on the back of the painting. It measures 40” wide and 30” tall. This is a Mahi Mahi aka dorado. My favorite fish of them all. This piece is far more beautiful in person.

$300 local pickup in Puyallup. Heading to Springfield, Oregon this weekend if you'd like me to bring it so you can check it out.

I would entertain a trade for certain Abels. There are a few custom finishes I’d like to get my hands on. I’d probably entertain a gloss black Super 6N, 7/8N, or 9/10N if it was a mint specimen. Also interested in Abel Pliers. Have an Abel collecting dust? If so, shoot me a message.