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I didn't see a post for this event so thought I'd toss one up. Not that I work for the shop but I do love getting the chance to hang out with this bunch of feather flinging, fly junkies.:Eyecrazy: :D

Last year was a blast great guys hanging out with lots of food and fun times. This is held in Chilliwack B.C. about 1/2hr from the Sumas crossing for those that don't come up this way much. Looking like this is set to be even more fun. Heres a the blurb from their website.

Everyone is welcome to join us on the water for a fun filled day of casting and information, as well as a BBQ lunch on us. This event promises to be amazing with guest speakers like Tim Rajeff, Steve Choate, Steve Rajeff and Zack Dalton, as well as our employees Aaron Goodis, Tim Arsenault, Adrienne Comeau, Ryan Heitz, and Dave O'Brien. Tim Rajeff is a world reknowned caster and is the founder of Rajeff Sports, the distributor for Airflo lines and designer of Echo rods. Steve Choate is a world champion spey caster and has worked closely with G.Loomis in the designing of their amazing "fleet" of two-handed rods. Steve Rajeff is a World Champion two handed and single handed, tournament fly rod caster, and has been the rod designer for G.Loomis rods for over 20 years. Zack is an acomplished and enthusiastic spey caster who has worked closely with Simon Gawesworth at Rio for the last few years.

And a link M&Y website


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Some more detail on the event, and it looks like breakfast will be served too :D

M&Y 4th Annual Spey Day

Date: Saturday April 4th, 2009
Time: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: Peg Leg Bar, Fraser River. (How to get there instructions are posted on our website at www.myflyshop.com)
Cost: Free, just lot’s of smiles.

Just like last year’s awesome event, hopefully bigger and better. This is the perfect day to watch some world class demos, chat with the product manufacturers, receive great casting pointers from the so many rock stars hangin around and willing to pass on their expertise, and to just hang out with your pals. Try out that new rod or line that you have been thinking about as this event is also a once a year opportunity where you can pretty much try out any big name rod with just about any big name line.

Many of the demos will discuss and utilize single hand rods as well, so even if you don’t see a spey rod in your future, there will be plenty to learn for all! It’s amazing how the principals and fundamentals are so similar when comparing and understanding single hand and double hand casting. This event is designed for everyone from the curious who are thinking of taking up spey casting to the rock stars who want to try out the latest in spey tackle. Bring along your waders and try out anything you fancy.

This year, with special thanks to Queen Charlotte Lodge and Masset House, we will be serving up a complimentary pancake and sausage breakfast, in addition to the usual lunchtime Bar-B-Q, where there will be burgers, dogs, sody pops and hot beverages served on the house. Make sure you are there at 9:30 sharp if you want to get in on the breakfast.

This year’s signature guests will be the Rajeff brothers, Steve and Tim, and Steve Choate, all of whom are coming up from Washington. These guys are world class/world champion fly casters, and just to see them cast is worth the day alone. Our special thanks to these guests, and to their sponsoring companies G Loomis, Airflo and Echo. Special thanks as well to Chris Sepio who pulled all the strings and helped bring up these great guys to our event.

Of course there will also be the usual contingency of M&Y talent and local gurus to round off the demonstrations. Following is a rough outline of the demos that will be conducted.

Steve Choate and Steve Rajeff (Steve & Steve) – Spey Overview where Steve Rajeff talks and discusses the various casts while Steve Choate performs the casts.

Tim Rajeff – Discusses and demonstrate common mistakes and faults in spey casting and how to rectify them.

Tim Arsenault – Discusses and Demonstrates how he morphed Scandi style casting into Northwest methods both in a Skagit and traditional sense.

Aaron Goodis – An overview of Skagit Casting, like no other than Aaron can do.

Tyler Kushnir – Cool and Unique casts and how to do them.

Peter Morrison – adapting double handed techniques to a single hand rod.

This is a non-partisan event, and everyone is welcome to attend.

There will be product representation from the likes of Scott, Sage, Loomis, Winston, T&T, Echo, Guideline, Rio, Airflo and Scientific Anglers, plus others who want to show their wares. BC Outdoors will also have a presence as well.

There will be a raffle held at 4:30 PM for some great prizes. You must attend the clave and personally fill out your ticked to be eligible, and only one raffle ticket per person.
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