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lowermainland BC meet

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how much interest would there be in getting some of u lower mainlanders here in bc would be interested in getting together
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If there wasn't a ferry ride, id be all in. Great opportunity for all you guys on the lower mainland to meet up though

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Hell Ya

Count me in.

I could always arrange to pick up anybody from the island at the ferry dock that wanted to do a walk on.

Would also be nice to get some free input on my casting inabilities as well.
yes they do but i would be nice to just have afew guys casting around chillin out having a good time if theres enough interest will hold one in November
I agree. Kinda kickn' it old school. All the equipment is personal gear of fellow anglers vs the latest greatest. I enjoy seeing what others use.. maybe get a chance to cast a few and watch same rod/s cast by a few different people. Always interesting to note differences in technique and see direct results.
lower Mainland Meet

I would be there in a flash for a casual clave. I think that is an excellent idea for the lower mainland scene.

Also hope a 17 year old kid (Me) joining the fray wouldn't cause too much of an upset!

I thought the films were great last year!
There is always one on New Years Day just upstream from the train bridge on the Vedder organized by the group on FLYBC. A nice group of guys and always a very good time.

That being said the more the better!
News Years Meet

Count me in for that!
Riverside fly and tackle is holding a small workshop during early January..9th thru 11th. check them out for all you wanting to improve casting and fishing skills
You guys mind if an 11 year old comes?
I would love to learn from you guys.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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