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Low water fly 1.5

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I was challenged today by a man from Quebec to try and design something that would stay above the muck, ride mid to almost in the meniscus level in the column, but to maintain a low water sized fly, I basically have never tied a low water fly so this is a first attempt. A Shot at at the moon I supposed


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Again , very neat tying , body work is tight for sure :)
This fly is definitely tied in low water fashion . From what I can tell , I believe this fly will sink like a stone though .
Tied sparse and with such a thin body on a large iron , not really too much holding this fly back from sinking .

Nice work !!

I thought about that from the previous comments on the others.
Not wishing to hijack, but to add to the conversation regarding low water, slow flow flies, the Sneaky is an all-time fav of mine, designed just for those conditions (more here:http://theriverscourse.blogspot.com/2011/04/sneaky.html) :
Nice one, I see by the construction of the fly how it would move slower, thank bud
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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