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I love light speys short, long or in-between.
I have a couple of prot-types for little jewels hat I work up over the years.
The two that flytyer mentioned are great little summer run rods.
I have worked with a couple of Bruce and Walker Locke with the speycasts and most work fine.
Looking forward to getting a chance to try both the T&T 10 ft for a six and the Sage 12-ft for a 5.
I heard there is 14 for a 6 in there lurking in the back room of one of the Majors.
I was privileged to cast the Paul Browns 16-6 for a 7wt.
That was quite the rod for the long line boys
That was a rod wish he could have finished it before his death.
I have ran into this reference on one of the Japanise site and it really caught my eye

DAIWA Alltmor-S�@
Long Range Wet Fly SpecialF1494-4

This would be a great summer big trout rod or for ½ ders

:) :devil:

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Hit the wrong button.
Should have been under the Light Weight T&T Rod thread:rolleyes:

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Another killer rod is the Powell Tiboron #7 11'...it is incredibly light.

I've only chucked a Long Delta 7/8 on it which was little too much belly on that short rod for my skill level...although the few times I hit it, I threw tighter loops with more line speed then any single-hander...XP and single handed Tiborons included.

Can not wait to throw it with a shorter belly line. :)
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