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Flipped a canoe above maupin and lost my beloved spey rig (and almost my life :eek:) last Fri, wanted to give it a week in case someone found it, and feeling horrible to leave it in a watery grave after all the steelhead it caught me :( I even called pro diver mark angel but he's out of town...
so, thinking I just need to replace them asap and get back on the water.
She was my light (7wt) year round skagit rig -- I already have a summer switch w scandi rig, and a heavier (8/9) setup for big winter steel and salmon...
model: Loomis GLX Roaring River "Dredger" 7/8
FR1607/8-4 RR-Dredger GLX Length: 13' 4" Line: #7/8 Pieces: 4
the reel was an old black Lamson "spey" LP7, click and pawl with cork drag, noisy as hell with a fish on :)
also need to replace the 475 rio Skagit head and 10ft int clear tip.

if anyone has a setup like this sitting around and not getting loved, I'm interested and have cash...
thanks for your time and tight lines.
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