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There's been a lot of discussion on the board about recent events at LOOP so I asked them for an update. Here is the latest from Christer Sjöberg at LOOP regarding their reel lineup for 2005:

LOOP 2005 flyreels

New Evotec

Made of high grade 70 aluminum, same as before, but with a sharper look
and a new pat pend smooth waterproof drag package. This is definitely
an upgrade from our old Evotec reels.
The drag packages are the same on HD and LW and are strong enough for
all saltwater gamefish.

The FW has a slimmer drag with an extremely smooth start and is
dimensioned to protect the thinnest leaders.

We have made 3 different sized reels--HD, LW and FW--with
different spools creating 7 new sizes. The color is the
same titanium finish as previous Evotec reels.

Evotec Models

HD 9-13 (good size for Tarpon and with capacity for spey lines)
HD 8-10
LW 7-9
LW 6-8
FW 5-7
FW 4-6
FW 3-5


We have improved our CLW (composite light weight) with a frame around the housing to prevent the leader or line hanging up, a reinforced handle, a reel foot in aluminum and a counterbalance in black.
The smooth waterproof drag package is the same as before.
New also is the clear version.

CLW 2-6
CLW 5-8
CLW 8-12
and same versions CLW Clear

christer sjöberg
loop tackle design
ph +46-70 666 86 32

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The best news I have heard all day. Looking forward to getting a look at these :cool:

-sean 'do i really need more reels....yes' ransom

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Any idea on where these reels will be produced? How about pricing? The "new and improved" claims should be expected under circumstances like these, but it's hard to fix what isn't broken. Of course, different does not necessarily mean better or worse--just different. It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Frankly, and with no desire to fan the flames of the previous discussion whatsoever, but it would be hard to imagine Loop, or anyone else for that matter, being able to do better on either quality or price as compared to what Daniellson is offering given the current dynamics of fly fishing retail.

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What's this????

First they put milk into plastic, then coca-cola, next it was beer, and then whiskey, and now they put a fly line in plastic!

What's next?


P.S. I have nothing against plastic. Only the above mentioned containers :)

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Corvettes and many rather exotic race cars have had bodies made of plastic for years. Some, like the Corvette, even have plastic springs. Since a car's springs take a lot more stress and need to be stronger than a fly reel, durability ought not be a problem, our ideas of what a reel should be made out of are another matter though.

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Raises interesting issues

The impact resistence will be interesting to see, especially in sub-freezing temps.

I'd guess it will be extremely light too, affecting balance.

Hope to get hands on. This may be a tough sell to anglers in the beginning, but you guys are right that plastics development has led to materials that can do things we'd have said 10-20 years ago that a plastic couldn't do.

Thanks for posting the picture.

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Clear CLW Reel

A clear plastic body and spool are interesting, but I'm really impressed with the clear aluminum reel foot.
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