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25lb big manistee steelie
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Loop opti speed runner reel (red frame, chrome L, blue spool)"used" but in excellent condition $425 shipped SOLD!!
Loop evotec 7-9wt (green spool, black frame) "New" never used $350 shipped
Loop evotec 8-10wt HD ( chrome spool, red frame) "used" but in great shape $320 shipped
Hatch monsoon 7plus (blk) "used"but in great shape $415 shipped SOLD!!
Loop opti runner reel (blk with chrome L) "New" $450 shipped
Sage TCX 7wt switch fished one time $460 shipped SOLD!!
Red Truck diesel 7wt 13ft spey "used" basically new used twice $350 shipped
Loop cross1 7wt switch 11ft 5 piece "New" $460 shipped
Redington CPX 7wt spey 12'6" "used" $260 shipped
Simms G3 bootfoot (bogs) "New" Large size 11 boot $575 shipped
Sage (bluegill) bass rod "used" basically new casted a few times $280 shipped SOLD!!

Orvis TLS Power matrix 10ft (switch rod handle on bottom) 7wt $220 shipped
Orvis Gale force waterproof backpack "used" in excellent condition $130 shipped
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