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My friend, I will most definitely have it spooled up and with me as soon as it arrives. I'm getting the 9/10 (575 grains) to use with the Fly Logic Dec Hogan 8 wt and the CND Skagit. You will have to come up with an excuse to sneak out for a couple of hours. Even new daddy's need a little break now and then!

I believe we will be fishing the riffle behind the University this weekend, looking for Salmon, but will likely be back at Watt the following weekend and I should have the line by then. I'll send you a private message when it arrives. Bring your rods!

Hope all is well with the new addition!


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Salmon fishing


Watch out those rod breaker monsters. hook one, man, it is going to take you an hour to land those monsters. Jerry once broke his T&T by messing up with a 30lber king. 30min to land that fish and spent another 30 min just to try to get that fish going. You know you may get wet if you hook one of those 45+lbers (maybe it is a good time to test out your CND and your new line) :lildevl: .

Have fun. I will see you shortly.

simon hsieh
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