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I was the lucky winner of the Quattro line drawing for subscribers. Thanks again Dana! I have been trying the line (9/10, 51 feet and 575 grains) on many rods and have a few remarks.

The line was picked to fit with the CND Skagit rod and I really found it too light to load the rod, but that could be my inexperience with underhand casting; I'm looking for a good load where someone more experienced may be firing it well with a good sense of timing. I've just ordered Mortensens "The Perfect Cast", so with any luck I'll find that level with more practice. I have found that the line does respond much better to rods with much faster actions. The Fly Logic Dec Hogan 8 weight was OK but not great, being a bit soft in the tip (surprised me) and the Loop Blue 11'6" 7 wt handled the line weight but the tip again was too soft, way too soft. In fact, the best combination, and one so darned good I'm going to have to get this rod (I was leaning towards it already, this sealed the deal) is the Burkheimer 13'3" 6/7/8--7 1/4 oz. Designed as an underhand rod for throwing tips, this rod absolutely sails the Quattro out over the river. What is amazing is that it absolutely cranks with just the easiest tug of the bottom hand. 90 feet just setting it up and tapping it out. Put on the type 6 tip and a big intruder, easiest I've ever been able to lift and throw tips and big flies. My buddy (the Burkie owner) and I were both supremely impressed and it raised our spirits considerably for a couple hours today. More to follow with this line as I work more on my underhand technique.

I have a question regarding the adapted heads. I still would like to try to find a nice head for the 7116 Blue and wonder if the low float adapted 7/8 is a good stand alone head for this rod, meaning is the head alone a good tool for this rod or does it need to be balanced with the various tips and poly leaders Loop puts in their kits. I already have a good running line and want a head matched to this rod as everything else I've tried seems to cast crappy on it. The rod tip really has a slow recovery after the forward delivery and "Whumps" down hard creating a horribly large loop. The only line that's worked really well is the Delta 6/7, but it takes a long traditional stroke and is a bit of effort. I'm wanting to use an underhand casting stroke and find that easy tap and go cast. I wont even look for a tips system for this rod as even the Rio Scando multi tip was a bear to lift the lightest tips with even small flies.
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