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Loop, OF, Abel, Tibor, Bauer...Teton

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I am in the process of deciding...

Loop 11fourteen HD
Old Florida Nataulis 12S
Tibor Gulfstream
Abel 4.5N
Bauer MX6
Teton 12

Money is an object but, I'd rather wait and save, have the best, and fish with confidence. Opinions?
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How I would rate 'em...

1.Loop 11-14 (Finest flyreel made!)
2. Abel 4.5 (I own one...great reel!)
3. Tiber Gulfstream
4. OF Nautalis (a sleeper)
5. Bauer MX6 (I would be weary about putting this reel into double duty-offshore etc.)
6. Teton (Too light!...and see note next to number 5)
Sorry Sean but they did not as they never made it into the rotation.

I had one rigged with a #10 but given I fished the Atlantis the whole time, I never had use for it and had the other rigged with a backup #8 line but never got around to fishing that either.

Dennis fished them down there though and really enjoyed them plus he caught plenty of quality fish on 'em.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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