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Loop, OF, Abel, Tibor, Bauer...Teton

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I am in the process of deciding...

Loop 11fourteen HD
Old Florida Nataulis 12S
Tibor Gulfstream
Abel 4.5N
Bauer MX6
Teton 12

Money is an object but, I'd rather wait and save, have the best, and fish with confidence. Opinions?
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sean said:
Ryan did you get to fish a Nautilus on xmas island?

Currently flipping the coin between the 14S Nautilus (as soon as it is released) or the loop 11/14 for a big spey/bluewater reel.

Should I just get em both:devil:

Hey sean, I'd wait a little bit on the Nautilus. The "floating cork disc" concerns me no end. Cork compresses and retains it shape well, but the idea of a free floating disc of cork undergoing both lateral and rotational compression simultaneously? Well, lets just let someone else determine the long term effects of that one!

P.S. you can get the big loop from overseas downundery for about $150 off... The warranty will not be in play in the U.S., but hey, everyone here says they are the best and you'll never need the warranty anyway!:hehe:
In a standard draw bar environment, the cork is fixed in place by being glued to a metal plate, while another plate (the spool face usually) spins against it. The plate it is glued to helps reinforce the cork and helps the cork retain its shape, and keeps it from tearing. As I'm sure you know far better than I, cork is amazingly resilient, yet fragile in the thicknesses we're talking about.

I look forward to seeing how the nautilus holds up over a couple of years on the market. Believe me, I hope it works. I'm just not ready to personally trust it. But hey, I'm not your market demographic. I stick to my standard arbor, undrilled, Billy Pates and my Abels, though I did take a flyer and buy a Tibor after they proved themselves for a couple years :chuckle:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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