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Hi folks,

I am new to this forum and speyfishing. Being an avid flyfisherman, I have hunted species across the world on single handed fly rods.

I am moving to a new home on a salmon beat in Norway, and thus need to purchase my first DH spey rod.

A friend of mine can get me a Loop Limited Edition 13'2", 9-10 wt, 4 pc for a very good price.

The rod is #101 of 111 total.

How is this rod compared to others?



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Howdy Super,

I have been using a standard production 9132-4 for quite a while and enjoy casting this stick in the salt for salmon :) . Though, the reel seat has taken a beating from the salt, I am guessing it won't be that way in the fresh water. When I find someone to replace it with a saltwater seat, I will.

It handles, for me anyway, up to 8 ips tips. I use a RIO midspey that I stupidly cut down 15' to use tips on before I found out about poly leaders. Now I use only poly leaders.

I am not sure if anything special has been done to this limited edition run, but following true Loop form, I am sure you will have a beautiful and functional rod! Good luck. :)

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