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I was in my local tackle shop today, inquiring about a Loop blue line 7116. I was informed that this rod is no longer available and it was being replaced with a model # LBL 8116.

Is this the same rod?

I am looking to purchase a rod primarily for beach fishing for pinks and coho. However it will be taken into the small rivers in our area so it would be nice if it were sensitive enough for cuthroat trout.

Advise on this topic would be appreciated.


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The Loop blue #7 is still in the line. It is being replaced by a slightly shorter version this year. The 11'6" version is still readily avaliable and is an excellent light Steelhead/Dolly rod. If you are interested I can probably source you one to either try or buy. If so PM me. No kidding this a great little rod and priced very reasonable. In general I think that Loop is tending toward slightly shorter speys. I spent a good part of this years Thompson season fishing a 11'6" #9 that completely rocks.
Brian Niska
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