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I have fished two seasons with the largest one. I just love this reel and havn't found one single short coming with it. The clean design and fine "palming" qualities are important when fighting fish.

For my 35-45' heads it works great also for 15' rods, and takes some 50 meters of #50 backing plus another 250 meters of gelspun #30, in addition to 100' of shooting line.

On the LW's the brake is slightly scaled down as compared to the original EvoTech. This is good as it saves weight and still gives more than enough stopping power for any fresh water situation. Most important though, is that the brake is sealed in to make it indifferent to water. Far too many expensive reels with saltwater type disc brakes go wild after having been soaked in water. That is one reason why I don't fish Bogdans any longer - if you can't submerge +1500$ worth of gear without it failing, it is not worth fishing - however much envy the reel will attract when on a car rack....

I soak mine all the time when wading deep or when releasing fish in tricky corners -- don't we all?

The EvoTech LW is wonderful and and beats anything I yet have used - that the design then looks like something out of the Porsche studios just is positive extras!

I don't think I have a single piece of tackle I can give more positive feedback on. If you have the chance to get one - grab it!

"Tight loops"


PS. I think you can find a review by Dana on the Speypages.DS.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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