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Had trouble finding a good shooting head for my B&W:s (Norway and Kola). The search is over. The Loop Custom II casts like butter on slower and deeper rods. I think that Power Tapers and Vision ACE (and other heads with most of the weight far back) feel a bit clunky and abrupt on these rods, even if they work well with faster rods. The Loop heads have a longer weight distribution along the head which leads to a slower and smoother energy transformation. The Custom II has a longer front taper than the old Custom which makes it even smoother. Would probably work well for Sage Trad rods, Hardy, CND:s etc as well. Also, the Custom II sink tip is the smoothest casting sink tip I´ve ever tried with virtually no hinging.

Check them out if you want it nice and smooth and as close to the "spey line feel" as possible when using shooting heads. And they cast tremendous distances, if needed.

For my B&W:s I´ve found that I need to go up one line size in order to load the rod deep enough to tease out the awesome B&W action ie "letting the rod do the work". For the CII about 34 grams at 11,6 meters, slightly lighter for the old Custom.
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