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I had one for a week but then I had to give it back.:(

Looks cool, but we all know that. It has a serious drag system--tarpon powered for sure, but has a big range that allowed me to back it off to just enough to avoid a backspool on a hard hitting fish.

Lots of capacity with 50# GSP and a long belly Speyline.

And then there's the click. That's the part I've been waiting for. To test it I went running off down the 3rd floor hallway of the Best Western in Monroe, Washington and I think I woke the neighbors up. I did the same thing down the path to the north of the exhibitors' area at the Kaufmanns Spey Days and I think there's a few squirrels out there who came out of hibernation. Now I can't run as fast as a steelhead but if it sounds great with me on the line it will sound wicked with a fish on!

The big classic is priced under $800 USD (@ $750); the two smaller ones less than that.

I need one.

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Yep,,, they are nice!!!

I got to check out the salmon sized LOOP at the Calgary show last month. Frank,,, I came this close to buying it,, I swear!!! I will have one for this season but the timing was just wrong,,, i will be in touch. I too was impressed with the range of the drag and the SOUND!!!! Awesome!!!!! It will hopefully be doing alot of screaming in Margaree this year and hopefully just once(all i ask) on the Thompson later on(please, please, please)I love this reel.
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