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I have a friend that needed a long casting Mid Length Speyrod. I had a CND 1308SP on the Try Rack so I told him to give it a go. He has a Loop Green 14 ft with the Loop Adapted line in 9/10. We played around with the tip and settled for 15ft of T-14 and went to the river. The combination Speycast like a dream really surprising me because I thought the 9/10 Loop Adapted head would be too much. But was I wrong.

Next we went to overhead casting; this is why he wanted a shorter rod. He wanted to cast off the beach for Silvers and such. We played around a little and was I pleased! We started by shooting a little line in the back cast and he was able to shoot an entire SlickShooter. We put a 55mm Waddington shank with a set of dumbbell eyes on it and it winged by you like rock out of slingshot hitting fly first then the line. Not recommend for the faint of heart.

I may have to put one of these little beauties in my rod bag for fishing silvers .
Just wish it were a 10/11 with a butt that could lift a small block Chevy forChinook fishing.


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Aaron -

The 10/11 overhand two-hander is coming. I have a prototype but no Loop adapted line (hint hint). Right now I am casting a Rio deep sea, will try a Cortland QD and 9/10/11 Windcutter in the am.

PS - your shipment leaves Monday am first thing.

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I have Loop custom shooting heads for my Sage 9126-3. I cut them similarly to the impelling for Loop rods and the weight of the floater is only about 26,5 gramm. For me it seems to be a little bit to light for my rod. Last week I buy a guideline head 9/10 and it weights cutted for my rod more than 30 gramms. I didn´t have a possibility to cast the new head on the water.
But last weekend I had the oportunity to cast a Loop 14´Blue Line with the Guideline head described above. It casts great, not too much weight for the rod. Maybe it´s because of my poor underhand casting capabilities but I think the Loop heads (cutted Custom, I don´t know the Adapted Lines) are relatively light.
So I believe that the Loop 9/10 line can be fine for a 8/9 rod.

Can anyone compare the CND, Custom or Expert, with the Loop Speys? Are they similar to the Yellow Lines?
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