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Loop 9140 Blue vs. Loop 9132 Blue

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I am currently using a Sage 9140-4 and a Sage 8136-4, and am wanting to purchase a slightly faster action rod. Any recommendations regarding the Loop 9140 Blue vs. the Loop 9132 Blue would be appreciated.
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If you wants a faster rod and it has to be a loop, you shoud try yhe greenline. Its a really fast rod, the blue line you are talking about is close to the sage
I have to disagree-the 9140 blue is a LOT faster than the 9140-4 Sage. That said i would go for the 9132 blue.

The 9132 blue lined up with the Quattro 9/10 is poetry in motion...too bad my casting isn't always up to that.....and yep I also have the 9140 greenie and the 9132 blows the doors off the sage for speed...no comparison
9140 loop blue

i have this rod and i use a 8/9 midspey on it and i can cast this combo all the way to the backing with this setup. but that was with a lot of practice. have not tried the 9132 loop blue. but i love the blue 9140 as it is one of my favorite rods. you may want to try the 9132 yellow as well. i just picked up 15 ft 10 loop blue or i would of picked up a 9132 yellow. casted a 9140 yellow about a week ago it is a great stick all though it may be more of a meduim action. loop rods are great for the price so which ever one you choose im sure you will be very happy. try brian niska at whistlers fly shop. he can answer any questions you have on the loop spey rods.
The LOOPs are definitely faster than the Sage rods. The Blues are fast, Greens faster still.

What is the intended application for your new rod? Since you have both a 13-1/2ft and 14ft rod, in which situations do you envision using your new rod the most? This information will help me make a recommendation for you.

Since both rods are 9 weights, I tend to use the 9132 on relatively smaller waters compared to the places I use the 9140 blue. Also, I tend to use the 9132 with shooting heads (shorter rod=shorter head length) and the 9140 with somewhat longer belly lines like the Quattro.

The rod will be used on the Dean River and other similar sized water.
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