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All right guys...wife is going in for some surgeries soon and she said after she has recovered I will be given a kitchen pass to get out and swing some, fishing that is.

As some may know I am back in Chesterton Indiana. Retired from the Coast Guard after 23.5 years and found that we wanted to be back here.

Anyways, looking soon to get out, have to figure if hunting is more important than fishing, but if anyone is heading to St. Joe or Muskegon give a heads up.

All I have been doing is casting in the yard and it is getting....BORING!!!! Need some water at my feet and the sound of water rushing by.

Not having my brother around to fish with, really SUCKS, but would love to meet other SPEY guys and learn more areas, don't have to be secrets, just want to fish.

So pass a line if going, now that I am a civilian I don't have all the time in the world but any NWI guys I would split gas or meet anywhere.

Glad to be back in Chesterton and hope to meet some Spey guys soon.

William BRAVEHEART Wallace
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