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Looking for line recommendation - new to spey

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After reading some acceptable reviews I picked up a LL Bean Streamlight combo...12'6" 7wt rod and Streamlight 3 reel at a very good price as my first spey outfit.

I now need to pick backing and line.

After some reading and discussions I'm leading toward a skagit set up.

Recommendations for backing and line ?
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As to backing that's a 'no brainer.'

That bits controlled by the internal 'test' of the fly line core. At least 'equal' or higher (typical number is 20 or 30 pound in the fly line). As to the fly line there the 'how you want to fish' is the key.

Repeating myself but for a choice of fly line, start at the fly and work backwards.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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