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Looking for a new line for my Sage 9140

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I have a Sage Model 9140 - 4 14 foot 9 weight traditional spey rod (brown) and am currently using a Mastery spey line no. 8/9. I am not at all happy with this line and would appreciate information from anyone who has had good experience with an alternate line, with or without interchangeable tips.
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Does the line feel as thought it is underlining the rod or overloading it??

Do you have the brownie or the greenie??

I have the brownie and picked up the Triangle Taper 8/9 for another rod in my aresenal...tried it on the brown 9140-4 and loved it!! :)

I have the "new" 9140 set up with a Rio windcutter multi-tip system and love it. I did have to over line it by one size though to get it to work really well. I believe that it was the 9/10/11. Works great for single, double, snap T and snake rolls. I am not the greatest caster in the world so if your looking to hit that magical 100' mark I am not sure that this is the right line for this rod. But if you want to throw it out there in that 70-80' range this will work great. Good Luck and TIght Lines.
I have the 'old' brown one. First I must say that i have used the SA spey line in both 8/9 and 10/11 on the rod. The 10/11 SA Spey line overloads the rod badly, the 8/9 was very nice for my casting style; however, I like long belly lines and long belly lines require more precise line placement to cast properly. I also like the RIO Midspey 8/9 - probably my favorite line on this rod, and the RIO 8/9 Accelerator. The Windcutter 8/9/10 is the Windcutter I like on this rod because I find the 9/10/11 Windcutter slows down the rod far too much for me.

I must also confess that I have not fished this rod in two years because it is too slow for my taste. I have kept it only because my wife likes it and is thinking of using it for winter fishing, otherwise, it would be up for sale. My biasis for faster rods is a factor in the lines I like with the Sage 9140-4.
The $64 dollar question is above on lines for this rod ..

Let us know if it's the 'brown' or new green model rod you've got. The 'brown' is a much softer rod and is lined accordingly; the 'green' is more of a "simi" Euro, and will handle a much heavier line.
Hi Fred

Are you home again? How was europe a bit wetter than USA I presume. Good holiday I hope.


I hate too be picky here but the 9140 seems to have gone through a number of changes over the years and I for one cant keep them strait? The old old old 9140 was brown and was a very slow action rod. Then they came out with a newer 9140 that was green and a much faster action rod. Now the newest version of the 9140 using the IIIe blank or whatever it is called is back to a caramel brown again. I think Sage needs to change the model name or add something like a tag line at the end of 9140 to keep these rods straight?
:Kamloops" did you ever deside on the line for your rod?

Been following this thread (since I got back) and was looking for your final thoughts.

Europe, Ah, Europe. Very cool place to be. Grand time had by all .. even if the JoanMeister is still there until the 12th. Snigger, sni.. none of your darn business.:devil:

With (almost) out exception, warm wonderful folks. Joan with her (my term, I'm sure not her's: 'pidgen French/Italian, but getting much better. Me ... I couldn't even order a hamberger..:hehe: ) increasing command of the languages, etc. Great time, especially with the Euro 'dollar' being pretty much 1 to 1, is a great place to travel. Stongly recommend it to anyone.

The World is a lot bigger, and smaller, than you'd think. Behave with a modicom of manors and you'll be well accepted anywhere. Go to Normandy, even if it's 50 years plus after the fact. The movies "The Longest Day" and " Saving Private Ryan" don't begin to describe what was going on until you see the ground the 'real players' in these movies moved through. Grat bulk of the German fortifications are still standing and more than impressive even after this much time. Point du Hock .... still has craters 50+ feet deep from the shelling. Must have been a true hell for those on either side of the "line."

The "Chinque terre" (sorry for the spelling there :>( ) truely breath stopping beauty; food ... God the Italian's know how to cook. French 't'ain't too bad either, just a very different slant.

Wonderful to go back to the same hotels, restraunts (sorry, spelling this evening has gone to heck in a hand basket) where they greet you with a hug and a 'buss' on either cheek. Too cool .. and tipping only when actually called for. (If you do, put it under you coffee cup/bread plate so they find it after you're gone.) Going out on the boat dock where the old guys are using 20 foot (no kidding) rods and tiny bobbers to fish for 4" fish .. that will go into the dinner pot.

Some of these places Joan has been visiting for seveal years, I'm way behind that. But to send your fav. restraunt(s) an e mail setting up reservations (I'll be there on such and such and want a table for lunch and dinner for 4-5 days in a row) and having your name card awaiting ... :D

There are times, not many, but times, when I wish I was 'stinking rich' and could just chuck it and head over there for a year.

So we've all got to have good dreams. Fully understand why Joan wanted to be a Guide in Europe; miss her more than just a lot while she's gone, but she's in her 'personal paridise.' My tiny gift to a truely great Lady.
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