Was holding my breath as i went on the fall Salar trip, hoping that the new Black Stealth models would still be available once I got back, but alas, they're all gone.

Been meaning to put a LOOP Classic on my 16' 8/9 MKX for a while now, as the Lamson Litespeed G5 just isn't heavy enough to balance, no matter how much I want it to, and Lamson doesn't make anything bigger or much heavier. (Not interested in the clicker LP series).

So, looking for either an 8-11 or 10-13, still not too sure which is best for this rod... Thoughts?
Ported or un-ported is fine, colors other than burgundy welcome, LHW only.

If you have one collecting dust that you'd like to move on to a good home, please send me a message. Birthday is coming up and wife would never be able to find this.