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Looking For a CND 7/8 or 8/9 Line;

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Looking For a CND 7/8 Line;

If you have one or can direct me to where I may be able to get both I would appreciate. This would be for my 15' Winston 7/8. I use a delta Long now but would like to change that to the CND line.


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When I find one of these it will replace an Airflo Delta Long 66' size 8/9 if anyone needs one of this line mine is good as new.

Where are those CND lines.................

Correction; Delta Long 9/10 is what I have, I'll list it correctly in the classifieds. Sorry for the misquote
I'm afraid the Grand Spey 8/9 will be too much line for the rod in question as is the Delta. The rod is a Winston 15' Derek Brown rated 7/8. Yeah I know it's a tad heavy but I like big robust rods.......... Anyway, the way I cast and fish I'm almost always sweeping and casting the entire head. The 8/9 lines work but I have to make it work, I have a friend who has the same rod and uses the CND 7/8 and I trust his advice on this line.
You know I don't speak Spey and I spend way too much time remote, so help me out buddy, what is a FF70. How long the belly and are they available if I want to try one.

Thanks Jeff,

That may be one to consider.
Thanks for all the good line info, I never paid close attention to what I bought and put on the rod originally. I was told when I bought the rod that it would be better off with a heavier line. I just dug out the original package from the Delta line I put to the rod. It is a Delta Long 9/10 so no big surprise that it seemed too heavy. I figure I need to trim about 100 grains off the line weight and the rod will be just swell.

I hope I don't come off as though I have my head up my butt :) I have an excuse for my seeming indifference to my rods and lines.......... When I started fishing 2 hand rods I bought a 13'9" Hardy Salmon Fly Graphite 1981. It took a while to get the line right on that rod, I tried 5 lines before I got it dialed in and once I had it right I use it almost exclusively. That my friends is how I can have a bunch of other rods that aren't dialed in with correct lines.

I'm trying to diversify my rod usage and I really appreciate all the input on these different lines.

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1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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