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Looking For a CND 7/8 or 8/9 Line;

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Looking For a CND 7/8 Line;

If you have one or can direct me to where I may be able to get both I would appreciate. This would be for my 15' Winston 7/8. I use a delta Long now but would like to change that to the CND line.


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I wish I could help you Ard. These GPS lines are not so available these days. Atop of that - the 7/8 is like the holly grail of speylines. Hold out as long as you can because they are out there somewhere. If you are willing to compromise though - take a gander at the Rio (who made the GPS for CND) PowerSpey: Only slightly shorter, slightly lighter, with similar long back taper and casting character. Clip the 7/8 and heavier weights at 20 feet for a set of 15'CD tips to match and you will have something close to the CND.
A 7/8 GrandSpey and my 7/8 DBF where one of my first and finest set-ups early on. Still have to rod and occasionally I'm casting FF70 7/8 on it...
You know I don't speak Spey and I spend way too much time remote, so help me out buddy, what is a FF70. How long the belly and are they available if I want to try one.

I meant a Nextcast Fall Favorite 70' head 7/8WF. The Nextcast Winter Authority is the same line except looped at 15 feet for 15 foot tips.They are heavy by weight class compared to the Delta Long so the 6/7 600 grains - 60 footer may work for you if not the 7/8 660.

Are you looking for a CND GPS line??
Call Lee Davidson at Snake River Outfitters and see what he has left.
He may just be down to the Double Tapers-which are great lines too.
Here's the phone#-208-538-7425; he's in Idaho...
That DBF will really like a Carron Jetstream or a Hardy Mach 2 plus also:smokin:.
The Nextcast lines are cool but all are configured as shooting heads now.
You might want to start watching the classifieds for any/all of these lines.
Good luck,

Right, of course, and I have one of the old full lines. But the heads are nice also. Spendy for only a head though...

SRO may be the place to check - I know he had a GPS 7/8/9 DT listed.
Good luck in the search. I hope you find the CND.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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