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Looking For a CND 7/8 or 8/9 Line;

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Looking For a CND 7/8 Line;

If you have one or can direct me to where I may be able to get both I would appreciate. This would be for my 15' Winston 7/8. I use a delta Long now but would like to change that to the CND line.


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You know I don't speak Spey and I spend way too much time remote, so help me out buddy, what is a FF70. How long the belly and are they available if I want to try one.

Nextcast Fall Favourite 70.

Thanks Jeff,

That may be one to consider.
No problem, Ard. Look into the Winter Authority lines as they are the same line as the FF but looped @ 15 to allow for swapping to sink tips.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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