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I,ve determined that my Bruce and Walker just loves a SA XLT- laser loops out to 110+ ft with little effort:) and little flip casts to 70+ ft with very authoratative turnover. Thanks Willie Gunn for the suggestion:). I,m playing with the idea of picking up a second XLT for tip modification and am wondering what XLT users are using for cut points and tip material to maintain the casting characteristics of the un-modified XLT.


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XLT's are Yummy with tips...at least for me. Here is the receipe

6/7 cut at 18 to 20
7/8 cut at 20to 22
8/9 cut at 24 to 25
9/10 cut at 27
10/11 cut at 28

(15ft model) Rio Tips:
8wt = 109 gr
9wt = 129 gr
10wt = 150 gr
11wt = 170 gr
12wt = 190 gr

I have a 8/9 that I cut at 23.5 ft and tried both 8wt and 9wt tips. 9wts worked fine, but I prefered the 8wt tips. I will soon be purchasing a 7/8 to cut as well. Good Luck and you will enjoy it!!
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