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I am selling all of my tube fly stuff.

All as one.

Included is Shipping in the US.


HMH Premium Tube Fly Tool. With three inserts. One of the smallest is slightly
bent. Still can tie on it. The other two larger sizes are perfect.

Pro Tube Flexi Needle, 110 MM, Brand new in package.

Some Random tube fly tool, not really used not sure of the MFG in Good shape.

A bunch of spare tube needs in various sizes.

TUBE Stuff.

A bunch of HMH Junction Tubing in various sizes. Some is already cut a little.

at least 3' micro HMH flex tube

at least 20 small cut to length HMH tubes in 3/32" diameter

at least 26 large cut to length HMH tubes is 1/8"

A bunch of various HMH plastic, intermediate, fast tubes

Pro Tube 6 X 5MM weighted heads in silver,

Pro tube 8 x 5MM weighted heads in silver

Two different packages of pro tube tubeflys. One includes junction tubing already

Stinger Hooks

34 Owner Mosquito size 2, 5377-091 black chrome

Two packages Of Owner Cutting points, size 2 5180-091, 10 hooks per pack

Two packages of owner cutting points, size 4, 5180-071, 10 hooks per pack


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thanks for the all the replies, looks like Fireman scored first. I'll let you know it all shakes out. Thanks for the messages...
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