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I was wondering what lines (including the line classes) would you suggest for Loomis GLX 15'?

1) Short belly? (WindCutter, Delta etc.)

2) Mid Belly? (MidSpey, Delta Long, etc.)

3) Long belly? (XLT, GrandSpey, Delta Trad, etc.)

I think that WC 9/11 works fine. It doesn't seem too light. The RIO table says that the 10/11 is the lighter one but I'd say it should be the hevier. But that's just my opinion.


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The 10/11 mid-belly lines of RIO and Airflow work well on this rod.

The 9/10 RIO GrandSpey or the 10/11 SA XLT are good for the extended-belly lines.

The Wincutter 9/10/11 (which you have already found works well) or the Delta 10/11 are the short-belly lines to use.

As for the Delta Traditional, I have not cast it on this rod; however, I suspect that the 10/11 would work fine.
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