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Im new to spey fishing but will hopefully get a Redington Red Fly2 13'0" 8 weight and a Echo ION 8/10wt reel.Im still figuring out the lines but i know i will need a running line and a shooting head.Im gonna fish sink tips so a skagit it is.What kind of running line and heads would you recommend a starter.I have 50$budget

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I have the ECHO 10/12 & a smaller 6wt something. they are great reels. incredible drags. they can take some abuse n run perfectly. I have caught several fresh coho & steelhead on the 6wt including a 14.9 lb winter head. the ECHO ions are a great choice.
I fish a redington dually spey rod. I think it is softer than your red fly.
I know your question was about lines but I thought I would tell you what a great reel you have.
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