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Im new to spey fishing but will hopefully get a Redington Red Fly2 13'0" 8 weight and a Echo ION 8/10wt reel.Im still figuring out the lines but i know i will need a running line and a shooting head.Im gonna fish sink tips so a skagit it is.What kind of running line and heads would you recommend a starter.I have 50$budget

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Im deciding between RIO slick shooter and Berkey Big.


Berkely Big Game 40lb is about the cheapest running line and is pretty good. Split a spool with some buddies and you will only be out a couple bucks. Just be sure to stretch it in the morning before you start fishing.
Then you still have almost your whole budget to go to a local shop and pick up a head, sinktip, and some local knowledge.
What do you mean by stretch it?
Just wanted to mention that I had the pleasure of meet NewbieSpeyBoy (and his non-fishing dad) this morning and what a fine young 11 year old lad he is. Welcome to this forum and enjoy your Spey journey! :)
Thanks Rusty for the kind words,reel/line and a mini lesson.I can get a 45ft snap T no probs.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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