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Im new to spey fishing but will hopefully get a Redington Red Fly2 13'0" 8 weight and a Echo ION 8/10wt reel.Im still figuring out the lines but i know i will need a running line and a shooting head.Im gonna fish sink tips so a skagit it is.What kind of running line and heads would you recommend a starter.I have 50$budget

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Have a buddy hold the end or wrap around trailer hitch or something like that, walk away letting line put until you have the amount you'll be casting, point your rod at it (or do just on the reel) and give it a stretch, it gets all the memory (coils) out of your mono.

I've used gripshooter, slickshooter, and big game. Go with the big game, it's cheaper and if you go 44lb or higher in the Rio it's like Velcro on the water when your trying to cast. Just starting you will have issues with line mgmt so you don't really want that nonsense going on.

This is my opinion and have heard from other the same about the line stick... My honest opinion is saved some money and raise that budget (you won't get enough sink tips for 50 bucks) part of two handers is going through line after line until you find the one for you. Don't go cheap and be prepared to buy more. See if your shop has demos, most all will have lines you can go test... Last thing, again my opinion... AIRFLO AIRFLO AIRFLO for shooting heads.

Really two choices here... 1. Get smart and forget all about two handers or 2. Open a line of credit and join our madness!!
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Just wanted to mention that I had the pleasure of meet NewbieSpeyBoy (and his non-fishing dad) this morning and what a fine young 11 year old lad he is. Welcome to this forum and enjoy your Spey journey! :)
Now I understand! Well young man, if the parents don't mind PM me your shipping address and I'll send out some big game and a couple sink tips to help get you started. Welcome aboard! You will find some good fall as around here.
As I said in my PM, some great guys on this forum!
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