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Have you tried contacting Bob or Trevor at Thomas & Thomas? Also, have a look at Rio's website; they have an extensive line recommendation chart for T & T rods, as well as many others.

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Link--Line for T&T 1307

Mike McCune of Oregon taught me the following Skagit [short head] line for the T&T 1307.

The following line setup plus the 1307 spey casts 15-foot sink tips [type 6, type 8] plus a barbell lead eye articulated leech [if you desire] with a casting effort that is best described as effortless.

Part 1 is the body of a WC 8.9.10. This portion has a head length of 23 feet and weight of 295 grains.

Part 2 is a tip1 from a WC9.10.11. This tip is 15 feet long and weighs 150 grains.

Total head length is 38 feet and weight is 445 grains. Not coincidentally this is practically the same head weight as a WC 6.7.8. Using a 166 grain sink tip from a WC10.11.12 is equally easy.

Casting distances:
- shooting no line: 38' head + 4' leader + 13' rod = 55'
- shooting one rod length: 55' + 13 = 68'
- shooting two rod lengths: 55' + 26 = 81'

This line combination will turn over any fly, and is the setup Beau is referring to.
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