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Line prefernce for TCX 7 weight Switch

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Need some help lining up a 11 ft 9 inch TCX 7 weight switch rod.
Please tell me your experiences with this rod? And obviously your line preferences.
Greatly appreciated,
Great New Year to all!
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What types of tips and flies? Heavy tips and flies I'd use a 510 Airflo skagit switch head, for light flies and at/near surface swing I'd look in the low/mid 400grn range with a Rage or other Scandi type head. This all assumes you want swing and use short heads vs mid belly and longer lines...

Great rod, have fun.
I love this rod and the 8 wt. main line I use is the AFS 6/7 which is a great match when used with 10' polyleaders.
I also use a Rio skagit short VT in a 7wt.
Not really used a skagit but I use the the Airflo skagit switch 510 on the 8 wt so would imagine the 450 should work well on the 7
I have only used Skagit lines on this rod so far. My favorite line has been the Skagit Flight 425 gr. head. It will cast all the T8 and T11 MOW tips with no issues all day. I find that I can generate some nice line speed with the lighter tips. I also cast the Skagit Switch lines in 480 gr, 450 gr, and 420 gr with the same tips. I have used T14 MOW tips on this rod with the higher grain heads a little. When I know that I'll be using the T14 tips, I usually bring my 8 weight instead. The rod is capable of casting these, but I enjoy the feel of the rod with lighter grain heads. For Skagit lines, I would start with the Flight at 425 gr or the Skagit Switch at 450 gr or similar lines (length and grain weight) from any manufacturer and adjust from there. I find that you need to keep your casting stroke short, using a smooth bottom hand pull and you will get some nice loops. Depending on the river systems that you are going to fish and distance that you need to cast, you may consider a mono type running line. I have been using Gripshooter in 35 lb this past season and its performance has been good, you just have to stretch it prior to use at the beginning of the day. I can't help you out with Scandi lines, but I'm sure the rod will generate the necessary line speed to cast these as well. Enjoy the rod, its my favorite at the moment.
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Thanks B13R,
Thanks for the input, appreciated!
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