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Line dump Black Friday sale

Assorted bundle of lines New in box see Pics:

Orivis; $45.00:
WF9F/GAF green tint
WF5S/HEG Rocket taper dark green
WF10-F Salmon/Steelhead light yellow

Cortland; $30.00:
444SL WF4F Rocket light green long body
444SL WF9F/S Rocket super sink black

Scientific Anglers; $45.00:
Steelhead WF-9-F light green
Distance Taper WF-5-F light green
Air Cel Ultra WF-5-F peach


Pro Series Lefty Kreh WF-9-I grey; $15.00

Climax WF-11-I Saltwater cream; $15.00

Fenwick Trout WF-6-F Hi Vis Pink; $15.00

Bundle includes these also:
2 spools of Hardy's Sea Jet Dacron, 27 lbs backing spools
Fenwick stainless steel alloy leader, 15 lbs

A few price tags are still on these NEVER fished in original packaging.

Will ship it all lower 48 PayPal: $ 85.00


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