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Hi all,

Have a few new and used lines i figured i would clear out. Some bought for trips and never used, others cast a few times, you know how it goes with lines.

Also open for trades for fly boxes and/or intermediate Skagit heads from Airflo or Rio.

Please see list below.

Shipping to US only, (unless buyer pays for international). Payment through PayPal.

Can send pics upon request. Questions, just email me at [email protected].

The new/uncast lines will come with the box and/or spool.

2. Scientific Anglers Skagit extreme head, 680 grains, 27', brand new, in box, never cast, $40, (retails for $55.00).
3. Scientific Anglers Scandi Extreme head, 520 grains, 37', cast less than 6-times, just can't find to many applications to fish it. $30 (retails for $55.00). Comes with spool and box.
4. Scientific Anglers Spey evolution mid-head spey, 530 grains, 52' head, 131' total length. Brand new, never cast, no spool, but comes with box, still coiled, $60, (retails for $88).

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